New Long Haircuts Ideas For Round Faces 2014

black long hairstyles for round face

A lot of women who have round face don’t have confident. They do the best they can in order that their round face should be slightly slimmer. Meanwhile, some of them are proud of their round face. For the rest, round face is cute. They notice that men like round face called chubby. However, for those who are not confident with round face, they can apply one of the following new long haircuts ideas for round faces. These hairstyles will little bit hide their round face.

If they have long hair, they can make hair parting. Nevertheless, they don’t ever think about making a middle partition. This partition style will gives heavier appearance around their cheek area. Instead of making the face look slimmer, their face will be round more and more instead. They can try making different partition style like asymmetrical, side, or zizag partition style. With these partitions styles, people will not focus on their cheeks since their forehead will be a focal point of face

flattering long hairstyles for round face

When making partition is quite disturbing since they have to spend much more time in front of the mirror, they can choose wavy hair. Long hair will be more amazing when the edge of hair is wavy. Besides, people will have a tendency more to look at the eyes and also nose rather than cheeks. According to several hairstylists, creating a soft curve around the cheekbones is the most recommended trick to carry out.

The last recommended choice might be side swept bangs. Since hiding chubbiness is the goal, this hairstyle is extremely-suggested. Nevertheless, women should know that side swept bangs will make their long hair look slightly shorter. This hairstyle will not only hide their chubbiness, but also enhance their look at the same time.


simple long hairstyle ideas for round face

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